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The friends you have on a social networking site can help you enjoy your day at work, but don’t expect too much from them as many of these “online friends” prefer to stay online only. My friend Julia met a friend of a friend, George, at a conference. They got on really well and started an online relationship. They found that thay had a lot in common. Their shared memories, and talked about their workmates. Sometimes they swapped more then twenty messages a day. Julia looked forward to receiving George’s messages when arrived at work. After a few weeks, however, Julia asked George if he wanted to meet up after work, but he always found an excuse not to. Then she received a strange message from him explaining how he didn’t want to have a relationship and how he had decided to stop contacting her. That was the end of the story, and she never heard from him again. You see, an online relationship takes a lot less energy than a face-to-face relationship. So a lot of people who don’t really want the responsability will try online friends instead. It’s easier and, if you have an argument, you can always just shut down your computer!

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  1. Online friends are good for
    1.   Going out with after work
    2.   Spending time while you’re at work

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